Zero Clearance

This is the Buck StoveModel 20ZC. takes the hassle out of heating with wood. It delivers an amazing 37,500 BTU efficient catalytic heater with a heating range up to 1800 square feet. Available in four different styles, in a free standing unit when combined with the Model 20Z zero clearance cabinet, as a masonry fireplace insert or as an insert into existing pre-fab fireplaces.Model 20ZC

  • Heating capacity up to 1,800 square feet
  • Firewood length = 15 inches
  • Efficiency = 72%
  • Ash Pan = Yes
  • Blower = Yes
  • Pre-fab Approved = Yes
  • Mobile Home Approved = Yes


This is the Buck Stove Model 51ZC is beautiful, practical and affordable with a large firebox. The Model 51ZC is perfect for most conventional homes. True to the Buck Stove legacy, this model and is available as a masonry and pre-fab fireplace insert or freestanding unit. The Model 51ZC is approved and recommended for mobile homes.Model 51ZC

  • Heating capacity up to 2,600 square feet
  • Firewood length = 22inches
  • Efficiency = 63%
  • Blower = Optional
  • Pre-fab Approved = Yes



This is the Buck Stove Model 80ZC . It features a full view glass door Large ash removal tray, Large firebox (2.6 cubic feet) Accepts firewood up to 22 inches in length. Delivers up to 40, 500 BTU’s . Quality built for many years of value packed service.Model 80ZC

  • Heating capacity up to 2,500 square feet
  • Ash Pan = Yes
  • Efficiency =72%
  • Blower = Yes
  • 2.6 Cubic foot firebox volume